Personal Training

Strength, Endurance, Fitness, Rehabilitation

Emma has worked with all walks of life, from complete beginners, to athletes, to people in chronic pain everyday. From 20-somethings to mid-70's and everything in between, they've all come to see her. The main specialities include: strength training, postural analysis + conditioning, weight loss and rehabilitation.

Emma's philosophy on personal training focuses on: Empowerment, Sustainability and Results. The goal is for all clients to feel empowered with their body, their training, their abilities and achievements. For their exercise to be sustainable to them, their lifestyle and their family. Last but not least, that it delivers their desired results.

All clients will undergo a comprehensive posture assessment first so that their programming is completely tailored to their body's needs and thus ensures sustainable results without injury. Emma encourages all clients to complete additional training on their own (outside of their PT session) and designs these programs and their scheduling.

Emma tries to create programs and sessions that are appropriately challenging and fun, while still delivering on her training philosophy. Emma always loves sharing stories and laughs with her clients.

To find out more about personal training download the PT info pack below.