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Emma works intimately with all of her clients through their health and fitness needs. Having over a decade of experience in the industry she is passionate about helping her clients through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.


While some clients have some specific goals or reasons for coming to see her, many have an overarching theme to their goals. They want to feel like themselves again. They want to feel how they used to feel. There is often a sense of 'having let themselves go'. This can be different for everyone: maybe work has taken priority, maybe the family has taken priority, some have had sick parents to care for, others have had serious injuries that has needed lots of rehab. Some have had all of the above!


All in all, they all want same thing...


To feel healthy, to feel able-bodied, to feel strong and to feel good about themselves.


Emma works with her clients through 4 pedestals of health: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Neuro-Cognitive health. All four are needed to be able to achieve optimal health and wellness. Emma aspires to educate her clients on how their body functions, how to recognise and listen to their body’s symptoms and how to correctly respond to these signals. All tasks, exercises and habit creations are created to be simple, achievable, sustainable and deliver results.

All clients are different, their priorities are different, and so the approach taken is very individual.


To find out more, contact Emma to book a complimentary health, fitness and wellness consultation to see how you could benefit from working with Emma.


What I Do


Personal Training


Integrative Nutrition


Flexibility Training


"I was 5 weeks away from heading to outward bound and losing my personal trainer. As a mercy mission Emma took me on. Once back from O.B. we set about the serious part of me and my well-being!
I have changed more in the last 2 years than I could ever have dreamt of.  Diet and exercise are just a small part of what she offers.  My physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing just go from strength to strength.  I feel incredible on the inside.  I know that Emma is very proud of me and the best thing about this …. I’m just as proud too.
Aside from the fact that I have gym instructors and other PT’s coming up to me to discuss how great my program is and how committed I appear to be, I love training with Emma.  Every session (and new program) I have challenges me.  We discuss what my goals are and all programs are tailored to meet these goals.  I love that she can recognise when the training isn’t working for me and changes things up. Trust me you won’t find a better person to guide you to achieving what you are wanting.”



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