Integrative Nutrition

Nutrition can be a frustrating, confusing and overwhelming topic for many people. A lot of clients who come to see Emma have been around the block when it comes to diets and their health. They're fed up and sick and tired of feeling crap (to put it bluntly!).


Emma's focus and philosophy for nutrition is to remove the complications and make it: easier, sustainable and educational. It's based on science, not fads.

Her clients learn how their body works, what foods are best suited to fuel their body, how age impacts this and how to interpret the body's signals.


Most importantly clients are not given a 20-item list of everything they need to change in their life in order to become "healthy." Emma believes in working with the individual, their family and their lifestyle to make small wins towards their goals. Neuroscience studies tell us that consistent and incremental change over time leads to permanent positive shifts in your brain’s chemistry and wiring. This means one task is given at a time. Clients working with Emma are personally guided through this process with fortnightly or monthly catch ups until their goals are achieved.


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Emma's specialities include: 

Overall health and well-being

Decreasing body-fat

Fatigue / sleep issues

Depression / anxiety

Hormonal imbalances

Digestive disorders

Autoimmune diseases

Stress management

Injury / recovery issues

Learning what to eat for your own biochemistry