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My Personal Training Story

Emma has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. She grew up on the North Shore of Auckland and competed in multiple sports, reaching regional teams and winning awards for cricket, netball and water polo. She studied at the University of Otago, completing a Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Science and Exercise Prescription, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.

It wasn’t until Emma suffered a significant back injury that she realised how important an integrated approach to health and fitness was. Emma has since attained many additional certifications in CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Exercise Coach, ELDOA Level 1 & 2 and Myofascial Stretching.  

Her well-rounded experience has helped her to understand the integrated nature of health and have helped her to reach amazing milestones and success with her clients. Whether in nutrition or personal training, Emma’s focus is to discover what the underlying issue is, by combining scientific analysis and simple behaviour change methods with her nutrition clients, and an in-depth initial health and posture assessment with her personal training clients.

From Emma:

"I've always struggled with injuries, I have often felt that I've had to hold back in sports/activities because of it. I understand being in pain, sometimes for weeks or months on end. I also understand that intuition and the empowerment of feeling strong. It feels like you can take on the world. It is that feeling that I aim for my clients to feel. Regardless of injuries, or pain, or weight loss goals. That feeling is so important. It flows over to so many other aspects of life and has a profound affect on people's mental health and their self belief."


My Nutrition Story

Emma’s passion for food started at a young age where she’d spend many afternoons in the kitchen learning how to cook and bake with her mother. That passion naturally led to many years in the hospitality industry where she worked in successful neighbourhood bistros in Auckland and Dunedin, her favourite part being watching the chefs cook and plate the meals. She’s been known for her dinner parties since she was 16 years old!

An article on the Obesity Epidemic in Times magazine sparked her interest in Nutrition and the general public’s education on the topic. This passion took her to Dunedin where she combined her studies: A Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Science and Exercise Prescription, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.

Emma has since attained many additional certifications including CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and integrative health courses in hormonal imbalances (specialising in adrenal issues, mitochondrial/energy issues, sex hormone dysfunctions, thyroid issues), heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Emma’s philosophy on food is to keep things simple. Her goal is for her clients to enjoy their food, without feeling guilt and prejudice from others. We each respond differently to different foods, and cope with stress and the demands of our 21st century lifestyles in various ways. Because of that, Emma puts a big focus on education and guiding her clients to understand their own bodies to help each one achieve the best results possible... for them!

Having had her own history of digestive issues, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, acne and glandular fever have helped her to understand health at a deeper level. Using an integrative approach and the latest lab testing technology, Emma takes great care in discovering the root causes of specific symptoms. Using simple behaviour change steps and scientific analysis, Emma’s clients achieve long lasting results.

From Emma:

"I've always had a deep love of food. Eating it, cooking it, preparing it, presenting it, chopping, stirring, you name it, I enjoy it! But I must say I am sick and tired of the fads and the quick fix ideas of 'how to be skinny' - as if that's going to fix all of your problems!

Food is to be enjoyed and is there to nourish you and feed you. I love educating my clients on how their body actually functions, why they can't sleep at night, why their stomach hurts after meals and why there is no 'bad food.'

I never make my clients do anything I wouldn't do."